EverSet® WWVB receiver

Our initial products include:

  • ES100 for general purpose applications

The EverSet® ES100 is a fully self-contained receiver that demodulates and decodes the 60kHz WWVB-BPSK signal broadcast from Fort Collins, Colorado. The ES100 implements a dual-input front-end, a sigma-delta Analog to Digital Converter (ADC), and digital logic for initial signal processing (down-conversion and decimation). An internal processor core licensed from EnSilica performs the remaining signal processing functions: carrier recovery, synchronization, demodulation, decoding, control, and calibration. After a successful reception, the date, time, status and Daylight Saving Time (DST) registers may be read by a host Microcontroller using a simple, 2-wire serial interface.

ES100 data sheet.

Application Note AN-002 rev3.0: EverSet ES100 Energy Consumption Minimization.

Application Note AN-005 rev2.0: EverSet Antenna Considerations.

EverSet ES100 receiver kits are available exclusively from UNIVERSAL-SOLDER®

EverSet ES100 receiver kits