WWVB broadcasts the official “Atomic Time” of the U.S from Ft. Collins, CO.

The Problem:

Poor Reception: Many experience poor indoor reception of the signal due to location, shielding, and interference from other electronic devices.Result: WWVB is accurate, but reception issues deter its use in many timekeeping applications.

The Solution:

Reception: Xtendwave’s patented and patent-pending technology improves indoor reception of the WWVB time signal by two orders of magnitude in North America and beyond.Opportunity: This great improvement offers the opportunity to integrate precise timekeeping into the more than 200 million non-networked timekeeping devices sold each year in North America.Implementation: EverSet® ES100 chips can be integrated into systems to provide the benefits of accurate timekeeping.

The EverSet®ES100 Market Edge:

  • Always set; always accurate; everywhere
  • Integrated demodulation and decoding
  • Dual-antenna option for ‘null’ and interference avoidance.
  • Low-power tracking mode for time adjustments after initial reception.
  • Advanced notification of DST transitions.
  • Compatible with existing 60kHz-tuned WWVB antennas.